Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Okay, really quickly i just need to put in a plug for PRICELINE! So we are headed to Washington D.C. in less than two weeks! My family rented a house to stay in for the week but we are arriving two days before the family does so we are homeless for two nights. So being on a budget i wasn't exactly sure what to do. I had used the "name your price" gadget on priceline once before and it worked out well but i thought you had to name your price the day of your stay. Well yesterday i found out you can name your price in advance... sweet music to my ears. So today i named my price and wala i got a 31/2 star hotel... a marriott residence inn for $50 bucks a night! It has a free shuttle, a pool, hot tub, a kitchen, living room, and dinning room, a free hot breakfast (not the cheap kind where they put out some muffins and juice, this is the real deal with a chef that makes omelets!), a tennis court, free light dinners (whatever that means), internet services, 2 TVs in the suite, and so much more and all this in Washington D.C.! I was pretty excited about the good deal and then to top it all off i looked up how much it would be to book this hotel through the Marriott website and they are charging $256 for the same room we just got via priceline for $50. I have most certainly been won over by Priceline... i will never use anything else to book hotels!

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