Friday, October 30, 2009

These are my thoughts...

1. wrote an article about the cash for clunkers program, of course there results are different from the governments. The government is now mad at i think i am starting to like them more and more.

2. Nathan and I often complain about BYU-Idaho but today i realized we are so blessed to be here. I have an amazing job, my academic advisor has bent over backwards to make all my practicums work out and i got $1000.00 scholarship for no reason. BYU-Idaho is great!

3. My dad and sisters are coming up tomorrow morning for a weekend of delight! I can't wait to see them.... and my new car.

4. It snowed all night last night and it's still here today... that is never a good thing.

5. And lastly, Nathan cut me out of piece of metal with our last name on it for one of my craft projects... but he spelled it Wilcoson.... i have been smiling all day!

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