Friday, March 5, 2010

Today was a wonderful day. It didn't start out that way... it was pretty bad at first. In fact it was one of the worst days ever. In an attempt to cheer me up Nathan decided to take me to the new frozen yogurt place in town.. TWIZL BERRY. Which i love for sure. They have the best frozen yogurt, if you go try the cookies and cream because it is divine. Anyways, when i went to buy my cookies and cream frozen yogurt the owner asked me if i was having a good day. Reluctantly i told him i actually wasn't and that is why we were here, to try and cheer me up. The owner looked at Nathan and I, cleared the price on the register, and told us to have a better day. It was amazing! He gave us free frozen yogurt! I can't even tell you how much it really did make me happy. Really, a little bit of kindness goes such a LONG way! Nathan and I are now true believers in Twizl Berry! So go and support a local business that is soooo delicous and kind!

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  1. Aww! I love this story! Glad your day got better. We love you!