Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So i think i forgot to mention back in November we bought a new car! and we love her. She is absolutely wonderful. She never brakes down like our civic.... that is until this past Monday.
Yes, last Monday she had a little problem. You see Saturday Nate so kindly changed the oil in my car. I thought I was all good to go and then Monday when I started driving around I noticed that my car was making a very unusual noise, and it is unusual for a brand new car to make an unusual noise so I slowly pulled into the nearest parking lot. I immediately shut the car off and called Nate. Well Nathan was working and he was going to be unavailable for a little, so I looked around and much to my surprise I was stranded right in front of this beauty!

It was absolutely the best place to be stranded. So i walked up and down the isles and scanned the latest craft ideas, picked out some cute fabric for my next project, and picked up a brochure for a free cake making class coming up! Glorious i know... but it only got better because right next to Hobby Lobby was this....

So of course I rekindled my addiction and bought one. I was feeling so lucky.... is there a better place to be stranded? I think not. So I sipped on and enjoyed my Jamba while waiting for Nate to come rescue me. He told his boss he had to leave because I was stranded on the road and his boss replied with, "you better take care of her she is your number one priority." of course that is another reason we love Flint Hills, they understand the true order of things.

Anyways Nate came and rescued me. It turned out that the oil filter Nathan had used had a crack in the ring so oil was leaking, good thing I turned the car off when I did or we would have had a shot engine. Everything is fixed now and she is back on the road as good as new. And even better I now know where Hobby Lobby and Jamba Juice reside!


  1. that was close! good thing you had something to distract you while you waited.

  2. Wow, I'm glad everything is okay with your car! You were smart to turn off the engine. I'm not sure if I would have done the same thing. I'm also really glad that Nate's boss is so understanding! That is awesome! And congrats on finding some great places! I'm sure you will frequent them a lot now!

  3. don't you just love hobby lobby?!? it is right down the street from us - and because of it, i get in trouble all the time...

  4. what a HORRIBLE place to be stranded!!! LOL! Good thing there were a bunch of GREAT places to visit!