Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Neighbors,
If you wouldn't mind could you please stop selling drugs. All of the cop cars constantly surrounding the apartment complex are getting really annoying and they are usually parked in the most inconvenient places. I understand that smuggling drugs from Mexico and distributing them here in Corpus Christi and up into San Antonio is how you make your living but I would greatly appreciate it if you would find something else to do. I would feel much more comfortable if heroin and cocaine were not flying off your shelves at wee hours of the mornings. Thanks
Your friendly neighbors,
The Wilcoxsons


  1. Oh man, that totally sucks! And I thought I had it bad with my smoking neighbors! Yikes! Hope they get busted soon :-) haha Oh, and I loved your girls scout craft you made, it is so cute! And also, I totally saw your twin. In fact, I think you have to be somehow related to this girl, you guys look so much alike, her name is Indie Riggin. Ever heard of her???

  2. Sorry :D I meant Girls CAMP, not girls scout...