Thursday, March 22, 2012

After a lot of discussion, debate watching, and research Nathan and I have decided to be supporters of Mitt Romney for President. Not because we think Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate, or because he is Mormon, or because we think he can change the world but because we are VERY VERY ready for Obama to be gone and are confident at this point Romney is the only candidate that has a chance to beat him. Romney has shown that the has the ability to get the votes from independents and moderates and in this upcoming election that is what is needed. Republicans are going to vote against Obama regardless of who is running so the real question is which GOP candidate can grab those swing states like Missouri, ones that went to Obama last election but are more up in the air this time around? Anyways we have decided to go all in so if you see us around town sporting a red believe in America shirt you know why.
With that being said, I encourage EVERYONE to research the candidates on their own and get out and vote. There are so many people who are still sacrificing their lives in other countries so their posterity will have this same opportunity we have here in America and it breaks my heart to think of how much we take it for granted and think our vote doesn't matter. It does matter, and we owe it to those who gave everything so we could have this opportunity to get out and Vote!!!! But really don't vote blindly, know who you're voting for and what they stand for.

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