Thursday, March 1, 2012

better after right?

We finally finished phase 1 of our kitchen remodel. We originally split this remodel up into 3 phases. We were going to try and complete them all back to back but considering how long this first phase took and that Nathan has been spending his nights and weekends knee deep in books to prepare for the GMAT and FE exam I think phase 2 and 3 might be getting put off until late summer/early fall.

For this first phase we painted the walls, painted the cabinets, added hardware, bead board, and new molding.
Phase 2 will consist of recess lighting, new base boards, and a new microwave (one that is off the counter!)
Phase 3 will be the back splash and counter top, this one is last because it is both the most expensive and highly debated in our home.

We definitely learned a lot about painting cabinets. We wanted them to look good (no brush marks) and be very durable since we might be in this house for awhile. We actually had to do the project twice just to fix some errors but overall we are both very happy with how it turned out.


  1. Looks awesome! Was just thinking to myself the other day that I forgot to check it out last week when I dropped off B. ... Love the Caleb addition too ;D

  2. I love the new colors! It really helps brighten everything up and look a little more modern. It all looks great! Good luck with the testing and finishing your projects!