Monday, April 30, 2012

How does your garden grow???

I won't profess that we are expert gardeners by any means but we did get a few red tomatoes yesterday! Last October one of our good friends was nice enough to get us started into gardening. She hooked us up with  self watering planters, they are fabulous. Nathan didn't love the look of the planters (they were plastic and orange) so he built this wood planter box. The best part about it is that he used extra wood from tearing out and semi rebuilding our deck so it didn't cost a thing. I am so happy with how it turned out and grateful that Nathan loves to do these kinds of projects.

 Our first little pepper! We weren't sure if these plants would even survive since they had to be replanted several times after some cute red headed kids uprooted them and brought them in to me as flowers.
You can't really tell but Nathan drilled holes in the back and put tubing in so that I could still fill the bottom of the planters without having to move anything, or as he puts it "strain himself by bending over."

Overall we love our garden and our having such a great time growing and eating our own produce and herbs. I would have never thought we would get into gardening since I hated it so much as a kid.


  1. That planter box looks awesome! I'm sure it's nice to get some delicious produce. We aren't even to the point where we can plant tomatoes yet. Hopefully it warms up soon and we can get to gardening. I understand what you mean about enjoying gardening now while hating it as a kid. Interesting how we change as we grow up, isn't it?

  2. Your planter box looks awesome! I am trying to build something like that myself! Thanks for the inspiration!!