Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween

Nathan dressed up as Obama for our Church Halloween party. He then proceeded to tell the kids he passed out candy to that at the end of the "trunk or treat" he was going to take all their candy and redistribute it to all the kids that didn't come to the party. Pretty sure he was the scariest thing at the Halloween party.

Caleb on the other hand was the cutest little monkey around. We went to the zoo this past week and he loved the monkeys so much we decided he needed to be one for Halloween. Ethan was a giraffe and I was the zoo keeper but I didn't get pictures of those costumes.


  1. OooooooMYgoodness. This is great. Nate, you're too funny! .... Caleb looks darling. Can't wait to see y'all Wednesday :))

  2. Awesome. Seriously awesome!
    And Caleb makes his costume adorable. :)

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  4. Truthfully both Nathan and I NEVER intended to offend anyone and we had no idea we would. I really am sorry for anyone who might be offended by this because I (like apparently many others) did not think/know this would be offensive and we really don't go out trying to offend people, we are just not those kind of people.