Monday, October 1, 2012

Reuse and Recycle

A long time ago (back in March) we had this deck in our backyard. Nathan hated it and thought it was the biggest waste of space. So in true Nathan style, one Saturday morning before I was up he started tearing it down. I was a little annoyed at first because believe it or not I am actually tired of projects but there is no stopping Nathan when he sets his mind to something so I just let it go and I am sure glad I did now that I have seen what he has accomplished with that deck wood.
The first thing Nathan did with the deck wood was build a pergola (I think that is what they are called) to go over our patio. South Texas is soooo HOT and I am so happy to have some shade. We have spent alot more time outside now that we have a little protection from the sun.

With another huge chunk of the wood and the reminents of a friends old playset Nathan built Caleb this playset. We still need to sand it, stain it, and build the swing part but with a new baby and Nathan in school right now it will probably have to wait until Thanksgiving.

He already loves it!
Nathan has also been able to use the wood to build this shelf, Caleb's toddler bed, and my garden planter. I feel like we REALLY got our use out of that deck wood but now it is gone and we are going to actually have to buy wood for our next few projects... bummer.


  1. So that is the plan for Thanksgiving? Should I bring any tools?

  2. That husband of yours is AMAZING! Love that playground that he made.