Sunday, May 12, 2013

another week

Another week has come and gone.
This is a really great playground we found when we finally used our Groupon and redeemed our one year membership to the botanical gardens right by our house.
Ethan  finally figured out how to get toys out of the toy box.
 Toddler Tumble Time
 Saturday morning we attended the march of dimes walk. Nathan had to work so I just took the boys alone, luckily we had some friends and Flint Hills people to meet up with.
 He was reading the Friend, it is a magazine our church puts out for little kids.
 Saturday afternoon was scorching hot so I decided to let the boys cool of and wear out some energy at the splash park. Ethan did not like wearing a hat and kept pulling it off. Right before it closed Nathan surprised us and showed up. He has been working like crazy this past week so it was a nice treat to have him join us for a little bit.

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