Friday, December 13, 2013

moving up

Caleb and Ethan got bunk beds! As soon as we found out this was going to be a girl we started talking about getting the boys bunk beds and putting the toys in their room. I thought the process might take awhile so I wanted to get started  before I got to big to be of any help. First things first we put Caleb's toddler bed up for sale on craigslist. It sold so fast that it broke my heart.

Then, a wonderful family in the ward wanted to some help from Nathan on a project and said they would trade him some work for a set of bunk beds. That was a major score for us. I sanded them down and painted them white so they would match the rest of the room and then with a little help from Caleb and Ethan, Nathan put them together.

The room is still a mess because we haven't completely organized everything and we also haven't bought a second mattress yet so Ethan is still on the floor on his crib mattress but by Christmas this will (hopefully) all be sorted out.  

As fun as it was to get them new beds it breaks my heart to see how fast they are growing up and changing. 

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  1. Cute! Is it finished now? I want to see pics if it is. ... How about Miss Molly's room?