Thursday, August 21, 2014

meals in a jar

At the beginning of the year we set a few family goals. One of them was to have a three month supply of food storage. Nathan and I both agreed this was something important and something we wanted to work on but we were not really sure how to go about it. We knew we didn't want to store foods we wouldn't actually eat. We didn't want to store mass quantities of things, if I have to use my food storage I don't want to eat black beans for three months. We didn't want to store a bunch of different things that didn't necessarily make good meals and lastly we didn't want to store things that all expired at different times (I am not organized enough to keep track of when things go bad). 
All those demands basically knocked out all the "traditional" food storage methods. Luckily a good friend of mine introduced me to a new method. Meals in a jar, and it is just that, an entire meal (for 6) in a mason jar. They store for 15 years, are made of mostly freeze dried fruits, veggies and meats, and they are actually good. Because the meals actually taste good and there is such a variety I don't mind cooking them up for dinner occasionally when I need something quick and easy and I am not worried about using them all before they go bad. 
You can find all the recipes in this book or online at There are also a ton of other blogs out there. I prefer to buy all my food off of or from Thrive because they seem to have the best quality. 
I love the idea of being prepared. You just never know when hard times might hit and you or a neighbor may need a few weeks worth of meals.  

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