Saturday, January 10, 2015


A few highlights from 2014...

January- We took a family trip and drove to Utah for Melanie's wedding. We spent a total of 63 hours in the car. The kids were surprisingly great road trippers and we had an awesome time.

April 6th- Our sweet Molly entered the world. We couldn't be happier with her sweet and happy little spirit. We have been truly blessed to have her in our home.

June- We spent several weeks in Houston

June 21- Caleb turned 3!

July 5th- We blessed our little Ms. Molly and Nathan's parents, My parents, Nathan's brother Scott and his wife, and my sister were all able to attend.

August- Caleb started preschool with Mrs. Diane, who is the greatest teacher in the world and stole Caleb's little heart. It was painful to leave her little school.

September- We made the decision to move our little family to Tulsa Oklahoma and started prepping for the big move.

September 18th- Ethan turns 2!

September- We sold our house! Yay! It was only on the market for 3 days before we received two very good offers.

October- We left our beloved Corpus Christi and headed to Tulsa. Corpus Christi will always have a special place in our heart and we loved and cherish the time we spent there. It was hard to say good bye to the first house we owned and the place we brought our three little children home.

October- We also moved in with my Dad temporarily and started designing and planning our next home.

November- We signed the papers to start building our dream home!

November- We took a road trip to Virginia to visit Nathan's sister Katie and her husband and my sister Rachel and her family. Caleb and Kylie played great together and it was a good little trip.

Overall 2014 was a great and challenging year. There were lots of changes for our little family and we made choices that we hope and pray were for the best. We are excited to see what 2015 brings us.

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