Friday, April 17, 2009

New Project...

Here is the latest project... i didn't mean for this to become a craft blog and i promise there is more to our lives its just everything else is so boring. And since i am pretty conifident my mom doesn't read my blog or even know how to get online i figured i could display her mothers day present. I made her a scrapbook calander and i was actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. Mom if your reading this.. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY... here is your present.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


My sister so Generously has let me borrow her sewing machine and when she did there was a bunch of random fabric inside the box. Nathan and I have made a few small things here and there with the fabric but last sunday in between conference sessions Nathan asked me if i would teach him how to make a quilt. I didn't take him seriously at first but he most def was.... so here he is sewing a baby blanket (who knows why... we are not having a baby any time soon). He is so embarrassed about this but it was just to cute to pass up blogging about.