Sunday, June 15, 2014


I hate to be so sappy, but really, how did we get so lucky??? We are so blessed to get to have these little crazies (okay two crazies and one sweet girl) in our home.

Also a big Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out their, including both my own father and Nathan. The sacrifices made by a good father are both tiresome and endless yet day after day they continue to make them. Thanks guys for always putting your families first.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2 months

9lbs 4 ounces
22 inches
sleeps 5-7 hours a night
loves to be held
loves the swing
drinks 4 ounces of soy formula every 4 hours
wearing 0-3 month clothes
tolerates baths
loves being outside
loves being in the stroller
is so happy and easy going
constantly pulls her hair and then cries
smiles and coos when you talk to her
is loved by her brothers
spits up massive amounts
sat in the bumbo chair for the first time
had her first trip to San Antonio and Houston

Sunday, June 1, 2014

We're still alive...

but just barely.
This is just going to be a photo dump (for my records) of the last few weeks. We are counting our blessings tonight because there are so many. As I am digging through these pictures I am being reminded of how much I love these CRAZY boys. These two are all boy and they are a handful but we are feeling so lucky to have them in our home.

We went to see Disney on Ice a few weeks ago because our friends have a suite at the American Bank Center. The boys had such a great time. They had great views, unlimited treats and good bags complete with stuffed animals.

Nathan's work is a big sponsor of March of Dimes. We joined the FHR team in the march of dimes walk.

For Mother's Day Nathan and the boys bought me a juicer. We have been having so much fun juicing. Every morning when the boys get up they ask if we can make juice.

We spend a lot of time browsing the toy isles at walmart and target. Luckily these two little boys just love to look and actually never ask to buy anything. I'm not sure they even know you can buy these toys.

We have also been spending a lot of time searching for nature trails in our community. There are not many but we are loving the few we have found so far.

This little girl gets so much love from her brothers... sometimes a little too much love.

They can't do anything without making a mess.


We have been watching the NBA finals with some friends lately and I am amazed at how much the boys are getting into it.

These last two months have been fun and crazy but we are hoping life is going to settle down a little bit now that Nathan has a break from school, I am released from my much loved calling working with the youth at church and we have most of Molly's health issues temporarily worked out.


Life has been a little crazy and having 3 kids is an adjustment but as I was trying to sort through pictures on my phone so I could free up some space I came across these from the hospital. It was just a sweet reminder of how truly blessed we really are. What a glorious day April 6th was. When Molly was born both Nathan and I felt her little spirit so strong. We knew she was something special. She has brought an insurmountable amount of joy into our little home.