Sunday, April 28, 2013

a week of our lives

Our week via Instagram... in no particular order.
Thursday we were lucky enough to go see Disney on Ice. Our friends had a suite so we took the boys. Caleb loved the show. He did much better then we thought he would which is partly because there was lots of room for him to move around and unlimited popcorn and soda.
Sunday afternoon walk
Nathan finally got a truck. We had been searching for a long time for a truck with low miles in our price range and after about 6 months of searching and a lot of bargaining with Mike Shaw we finally have a truck.
Saturday night I went to the ballet. They were performing Cinderella (one of my girls from church was in it). After the ballet another girl took us to her parents restaurant Vietnam where we were treated to a pretty amazing assortment of the menu. The food was AMAZING but after looking at the prices on the menu I am not sure Nathan and I will be back anytime soon.
Caleb and his friend Slade

Monday, April 22, 2013

random record keeping...

Here are a few things that happened this past week that I want to make record of...

 Hana came to visit and we had such a great time. Caleb and Ethan love her and I am bummed we didn't take any pictures while she was here.

Ethan got  a hold of my phone and sucked on it until it was so filled with slobber it no longer worked. I was off the grid for two days and it was soooo hard to get things done without a cell phone.

I had two migraines last week which is so rare and so hard. Luckily Nathan had taken half a day on Monday to take care of the kids and Friday morning some friends came and got them. I am so grateful to have such great friends close by that are willing to help out when I need it. I had an MRI done and everything looked good so the good news is all these stroke symptoms (blurred vision, numbing of the face and arm, slurred speech, etc.) haven't done any permanent damage to my brain. I have an appointment with the neurologist in two weeks and he is hoping to be able to get me on a different medication that will be more effective, which would be amazing.

Caleb dropped a brick on his foot which not only ripped the nail completely off it split the skin in half and left him with a huge blood blister all around his big toe. He has been such a good sport and surprisingly sits very still when we clean it out and re bandage it. Nathan was home babysitting while it happened and called me in a complete panic. It was kind of nice to see the man who never worries about anything so concerned and freaked out.

7 months

Do you see that little sign that says 2 months? Ya it is supposed to have a 7 on it. Oh well that is just a really good indicator of how last week went. Oh well, here is our cute little man in all his glory.
-weened himself from his pacifier
-finally sleeping in the same room as Caleb for both naps and nightime
- is sitting up really well
-still hates babyfood
-loves vanilla wafers and animal crackers
-is way to attached to his Mom
-loves being in the stroller
-loves being outside
-loves to be held
-taking 2 great naps a day and still sleeping 12 hours at night
-scoots around
-rolling over to get to things he wants
-wearing 6 month clothes
-loves to watch Caleb

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Right before Nathan and I graduated from college his parents gave us their old dinning room table (which was in really great shape and I am pretty sure they got it when they got married). We have been using that table ever since  and it has served us well, but we decided we are ready for a change so we refinished it and changed it up a little bit. I think we are pretty happy with the end result.