Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love BLACK FRIDAY! This year though I have to give my appreciation for a husband who would get up at 2am and stand in line for 2 hours by himself in 20 degree weather just to buy his wife a vacuum 50 percent off. I do have to say though, this vacuum is everything I was hoping it would be!

This year for Thanksgiving we headed to Chicago to get together with Nathan's family. Here are a few pictures to sum up our trip!

Would you expect anything less from Nathan?

We waited in line to go up to the top of Sears tower,

we made a stop at " the bean",

we attended a minor league hockey game,

and lastly of course we played with the BABY! We just love her and it was so fun to FINALLY get to see her.
It was a fun and much needed break from both Rexburg and School!