Tuesday, February 26, 2013

bathroom renovation

Here is a not so great picture of our guest/little boys bathroom. Although it isn't terrible it was boring and that cabinet above the toilet was massive and in the way. So I decided to take the cabinet down and when I did it left a huge blank space where the wall had never been painted so I obviously had to repaint. I decided to go with something a little more fun. I can't say I love the finished product, in fact I am still on the fence about it and might paint again in a couple of months but for now here is what it looks like. Also take note we still need to put on new baseboards and hopefully frame around the mirror but that will have to be down when Nathan has a little break from work and can help me.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exhibit A: A sleeping child who just wants to be left alone.

 Exhibit B: Another child who just can't help but pester and push the buttons of the sleeping child.
 Nathan be any more embedded in Caleb??? I don't think so.

5 Months

13 lbs (3rd percentile)
loves his pacifier
loves to watch Caleb and gets really excited when Caleb interacts with him
sleeps from 8:30-7:30 (almost 12 hours!)
eats 8 ounces every 4 hours
has tried solid food a few times but has hated it every time
loves being in the jogging stroller
smiles and giggles all the time
is happy to be held by anyone
is starting to try and play with toys and figure things out
can roll over and has several times but rarely does
is the worlds happiest/easiest baby
can sit up for a few seconds on his own, then falls over
loves the bumbo chair
will only sleep on his back
got RSV pretty bad this last month and went to the urgent care and doctors office several times

We are so in love with this little guy! He is such a joy to have in our family and has been so much fun. I can't believe what a great/easy baby he has been. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Nathan! I am so grateful for all that you do for our little family. I know working and going to school hasn't been easy but I am grateful you are willing to make the sacrifice. You are the hardest working man I know and I am grateful for all you do for not only me but so many others. You constantly give of your time and talents to those around and it is just the example I want set for our little boys. So Thanks for everything, you are one of a kind!

With Nathan's work and school schedule we NEVER see him, and by never I mean he goes to work at 5 am and comes home between 7 and 10 pm and then goes straight to bed and to make things worse he will be working weekends for the next 6 weeks also. So I have taken it upon myself to get our little yard (back and front) spruced up. We have been talking about it for awhile now and we have even worked on it a little but it still has a long way to go. Anyways this week I have been trying to get all the leaves and dead grass raked up so I can lay down some grub treatment but every time I rake up a pile a certain little man comes and spreads it all out... needless to say we are not getting much accomplished but we sure are having fun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here are our lives the last few weeks through the eyes of instagram.
 A brand new shelf for all the playroom toys. Built by Nathan and painted by Heidi.
Some really fun stickers that came in the mail.
 Loads of money spent on Pedialyte, meds, and doctors visits for our sick little Ethan who was vomiting non stop for over a week. We spent a lot of time at the doctors. It broke my heart to see him so sick but luckily he is back to normal and still happy and sweet.
 My new book from Nathan and a lens from my mother in law! I am finally starting to figure out this camera... ok well at least I am trying to figure out this camera.
Playing in the sandbox... in south Texas you spend all year outside.

New Braunfels Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I saw some groupons for the Children's Museum in San Antonio and thought it would be fun to go one weekend when our husbands had a Friday off (they get every other Friday off). So we both headed to the Museum and arrived around the same time, only to find we had bought groupons to different Children's Museums. We went ahead and just scrapped our Groupon for the museum in San Antonio and went to the one where are friends were in New Braunfels. It ended up being a really great choice. The museum was just the right size and almost completely empty. Our little boys had a great time.

Ethan of course just hung out and watched while Caleb played. I will note that he did get in a pool for the first time this trip! It is funny because Caleb was in a pool at 3 weeks and here Ethan was just getting in for the first time at 4 months.