Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the cutest zoo animals around!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A little disaster...

Although Nathan and I do love projects occasionally we get one that is unsolicited. A few Sundays ago right before we were headed out for church Nathan noticed something that sounded like a hose (I was trying to get two little boys ready and was completely oblivious). When he went to figure out what the sound was (after finishing the dishes) he realized it was our guest bathroom toilet. A ring that seals the pipe that is connected to the wall busted and water was poring out the pipe. The bathroom, hallway, and both bedrooms were filled with water. Nathan quickly shut off the water and grabbed the shop vac so he could start sucking the water up out of the carpet. It took him almost two hours to suck out the water and several trips of dumping out a very full shop vac. Although the carpet seemed like it wasn't to wet Nathan went ahead and ripped some up to see what the pad underneath was like and it was completely soaked. So we ended up ripping up all the carpet, pulling out the pads and hanging them up in the garage to dry out and then putting buckets under the carpet so it would air dry. It was such a mess and keeping Caleb out of it was impossible.
Luckily for us we were headed to Houston for the week so we were able to get out of the house for the week while the carpet was drying out. We came back from Houston and Nathan relaid the carpet but it is bumpy and needs to be replaced by a professional so hopefully sometime after the holidays we will be putting in new carpet.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween

Nathan dressed up as Obama for our Church Halloween party. He then proceeded to tell the kids he passed out candy to that at the end of the "trunk or treat" he was going to take all their candy and redistribute it to all the kids that didn't come to the party. Pretty sure he was the scariest thing at the Halloween party.

Caleb on the other hand was the cutest little monkey around. We went to the zoo this past week and he loved the monkeys so much we decided he needed to be one for Halloween. Ethan was a giraffe and I was the zoo keeper but I didn't get pictures of those costumes.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"The Church"

There is a wonderful church here in town that opens up there gym (and fills it with fun toys) to the community every Thursday. One of our good friends introduced us to it several months ago and ever since then we have spent almost every Thursday morning there. Caleb loves it and it is a great place for him to not only get all his energy out but also to interact with other kids. The first time we went he was a little over stimulated by everything but since then he has been full swing all over the place. We are really grateful to this church for being so generous with their facilities.

1 Month

I can't believe this little man is one month today. Ethan has been such a great addition to our little family and we are so grateful he is here.
-Weighs 8lbs exactly
-Sleeps 2 /12- 3 hours at night
- Eats about 2 - 2 1/2 ounces of milk every 3 hours
- Loves to be held or cuddled
-Wants to be rocked to sleep
-Has a pretty chill and mellow personality
-Doesn't like his carseat
-Loves being in the baby bjorn
-Sleeps really great in his swing
-Only cries when he wants to be held or is hungry
- Poor guy has lots of baby acne
- Gets the hiccups at least once a day
- Has a little bit of acid reflux which causes him to occasionally projectile vomit through his mouth and nose (it is pretty upsetting for both of us)
-Still fits great in newborn clothes

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This little man loves to be outside.

sleep deprived

You know how I know I am not the only one in my house who is sleep deprived? Because of this conversation Nathan and I had last night.

Nathan: If I would have known it was raining I wouldn't have watered the lawn.
Heidi: It's raining? Are you sure?
Nathan: YES! It is pouring down, our back yard is flooded.
Heidi: Wow that is crazy because I didn't see any rain clouds earlier.
Nathan: (Nathan goes outside to take out the garbage and comes back in) Oh crap it isn't raining, I'm still watering the lawn.
Heidi: What time did you start watering Nathan?
Nathan: 7
Heidi: It's almost 10:00... no wonder the back yard looks flooded.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 weeks old

I can't believe Ethan is two weeks old today! Since this is the only form of journaling I do (I don't keep a baby book) I am going to try really hard to keep it updated as these two little boys continue to grow. 
Tomorrow Ethan heads in for his two week appointment and we are really hoping he has gained some weight. Here are a few pictures of the last two weeks...
Ethan with Dr. Nowitzky! We just LOVE her and are so grateful she has been here to bring both our little boys (and hopefully and future children) into this world.
Ethan is headed home. His newborn clothes are still completely drowning him.
 Ethan's first bath.
My sister Hana has been here to help out and boy have we needed the help. I think Caleb is going to be sad when she leaves. After all she is the only one who lets him play with her phone.
Dad and baby Ethan. This little guy is SOOOO ALERT and constantly awake.
I love that when he doe sleep he puts his hands up just like Caleb did at this age.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reuse and Recycle

A long time ago (back in March) we had this deck in our backyard. Nathan hated it and thought it was the biggest waste of space. So in true Nathan style, one Saturday morning before I was up he started tearing it down. I was a little annoyed at first because believe it or not I am actually tired of projects but there is no stopping Nathan when he sets his mind to something so I just let it go and I am sure glad I did now that I have seen what he has accomplished with that deck wood.
The first thing Nathan did with the deck wood was build a pergola (I think that is what they are called) to go over our patio. South Texas is soooo HOT and I am so happy to have some shade. We have spent alot more time outside now that we have a little protection from the sun.

With another huge chunk of the wood and the reminents of a friends old playset Nathan built Caleb this playset. We still need to sand it, stain it, and build the swing part but with a new baby and Nathan in school right now it will probably have to wait until Thanksgiving.

He already loves it!
Nathan has also been able to use the wood to build this shelf, Caleb's toddler bed, and my garden planter. I feel like we REALLY got our use out of that deck wood but now it is gone and we are going to actually have to buy wood for our next few projects... bummer.