Friday, April 29, 2016

Tulsa zoo

    Ethan's preschool group had a zoo field trip on Thursday. Against my better judgement I let Caleb skip school and come with us. His behavior was terrible and I was frustrated but we still had a great time. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

This sweet girl turned 2 this week. It's really hard for me to accept that she is growing up. She has been such a sweet and fun little baby. Although I will admit these last few weeks a more intense, dramatic and unhappy side has started to emerge. It's a tad scary. Things have been busy around here so we had a really low key birthday. We ate chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes (Molly's favorite) and some nutella cupcakes. She only had one present to open. It was a Doc Mcstuffins check up center and it has been a hit with all the kids. I really did have a little more planned but I ended up getting a bad migraine in the morning and since that knocks me out for several hours (it's hard to do much when you can't see and are sitting over a toilet puking) Nathan ended up just coming home and taking the kids to the children's museum instead. Hopefully next year we can do more and I am grateful she is so young she didn't even notice we didn't celebrate. 

Here "cheese" face. We can't get her to smile with her eyes open for the life of us, which is unfortunate because she has beautiful blue eyes.