Saturday, February 28, 2015

the circus

The last month it has been cold, wet, snowy and slightly miserable. We have all had a mild case of cabin fever so even though it was snowy we decided to head out to the circus. Lucky for us the YMCA had free tickets for kids so it ended up being pretty cheap since we only had to pay for the adults. Overall we had a great time and everyone enjoyed it. Caleb and Ethan were both pretty scared at the beginning because it was really loud in the arena. A few minutes into the circus acts they had an aerialist come out dressed as Spiderman and both boys were completely won over. After that everything was great and everyone was happy.   

Friday, February 20, 2015


Life has been pretty slow lately. We have spent the last few weeks hanging out around the house, playing, going to the gym, driving out to our new house and helping my Dad with a few renovation projects on his house. 

It's not always like this but on occasion these kids play well together. I love to listen to their conversations from a distance. Molly also thinks she is one of the boys and refuses to be left behind.

10 months

eats anything anyone will give her and LOVES food
crawls everywhere
pulls herself up
climbs stairs
loves to be held
thinks she is a big kid and refuses to stay in the baby area at the gym
wearing 6-9 month clothing
has the best smile and giggle
loves to great Nathan when he comes home from work
loves to play in the water
hates getting her diaper change
still loves her pacifier

Sunday, February 1, 2015

9 months

This is a little late but this girl turned 9 months January 6th 2015.
16lbs 10ounces
2 bottom teeth
2 top teeth on the break through
pulls her self up into a standing position but can't get back down
hates her bottles
loves anything that isn't baby food
crawls everywhere
loves to be held
loves to be picked up
thinks she is a big kid and refuses to stay in the baby area at the gym child watch
almost always happy
sleeps well
crawls straight to her Daddy when she hears him come home after work
is an absolute joy