Wednesday, October 29, 2014

moving day

It's official, we survived the move. 
At the beginning of September Nathan accepted a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We immediately started on our last minute house projects and put the house on the market just two weeks later. Although we had been praying we would get an offer before we moved we were shocked to have two offers after 3 days on the market and one of them was a great cash offer with buyers who were ready to close as soon as we could move out. October 17th we closed on our house and October 18th we headed out to Oklahoma. 

Moving day was emotional for all of us. I was in tears thinking about leaving our many wonderful friends and awesome support group, the boys were devastated watching all their toys and stuff be "taken away" and we were all sad to leave our first home.

We are currently living with my Dad while we start the search for a new home. Although we were sad to leave Corpus we are excited for this new adventure and hope our time in Oklahoma is soon filled with many happy memories.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anderson Family Reunion 2014

This year the Anderson side of our family all met up in Port Aransas, Texas. 

We rented a nice house right off of the beach. The kids spent a lot of time playing on this huge deck.

We also spent lots of time building sand castles, monster truck tracks and swimming in the ocean. Not pictured is the pool located inside the housing community that we frequented and used to rinse off all the sand from the beaches. Did I mention how much we LOVE the beach and how sad we are to leave it?

The house we rented came with a golf cart which we used to our full advantage. It was so much fun to drive around town and on the beach. If we ever do this again, finding a house with a golf cart will be at the top of our list.

We decided to splurge and take the dolphin tour the last day we were there. Although it was really fun and the kids loved it I am not sure if I would do it again. One thing I didn't get a picture of is the pirate attack. This particular dolphin tour has pirates that come and attack the boat and the kids get to shoot them with water cannons and water balloons. This was Caleb's favorite part of the entire trip. I think for us, this made the entire experience worth the money just because Caleb loved it so much. We also did see quite a few dolphins.

They had a big tank in the middle of the boat full of fish and other ocean creatures they caught. The kids got to touch and hold them. 

Overall it was a great family reunion. We loved getting together and seeing all of our family and we had such a good time at the beach. I would highly recommend this place for family get togethers. It is low key and very accommodating to families.

6 months

drinks 6 ounces of formula every three hours
had her first bite of baby food and loved it
sits up with the boppy pillow
sleeps 10-12 hours a night
loves cuddling and giving kisses
spits up and slobers a ton
loves taking baths
lost all of her dark baby hair
wearing 3 month and 3-6 month clothing
size 2 diapers
is always happy
still wants to be swaddled
hates being in her carseat
loves her pacifier
loves to be held
loves to sleep in the swing
wakes up happy in the mornings and coos and smiles until we get her out of bed

I can't even begin to express how blessed we feel to have this little gem in our home. She is an absolute joy and we are beyond in love with her sweet spirit and happy personality.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Victoria Zoo

With our move quickly approaching we are trying to knock everything off of our Texas bucket list. My sister Hana found a groupon for a primate encounter at the Victoria Zoo. The Zoo is small and almost two hours away so we had never been. 
We had such a great time.  Hana, the boys and I all got to feed and play with all the different primates at the zoo. It really was a one of a kind experience. The staff was unbelievably friendly and accommodating.  We all had an absolute blast. Molly was to small to be inside the enclosure but lucky for us they had a little enclosed area she could sit in her stroller and I could enjoy the experience with the boys and keep an eye on her.

 (they let me bring Molly in for the picture)

After the encounter we walked around the zoo, looked at the other animals, rode the train and fed some birds. Although it was small it was such a quaint and beautiful little zoo that just so happens to sit right in the middle of some gorgeous old historic homes. If you are ever in the area this place is worth a visit.