Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fire ants

I won't be winning any mom of the year awards anytime soon. I let Caleb crawl around in a friends backyard and I wasn't watching him very closely. He put his poor little hand right into a pile of fire ants. It was a painful experience for my little man and I felt awful as a mother. It's hard to tell but he has about 25-30 bites on his left hand, a few on his right, a few on his feet and two on his belly.

 Luckily not much stops this boy and within a few minutes, some hugs and kisses he was back in business and happy as can be.
We are so lucky he has forgiven us for all our "first time parent mistakes."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

For all our friends and family who live to far away and couldn't be here to celebrate Caleb's 1st birthday with us here is a quick recap of his party!

A few of our good friends came over and joined us for a little BBQ and Birthday celebrations. We had such a good time and Caleb was SOOOO spoiled by everyone.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations. I forgot to take any so this is all I have. Oh well. 

Caleb enjoyed opening presents at first... but when he realized he didn't get to actually play with any of the toys right then he started to get upset and wanted to be done. He got some really fun things. Thanks everyone!

After presents of course comes the cake! Truthfully he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact I am pretty sure he cried part of the time. Yesterday we went and took some 1 year pictures and he cried during the cake part of that too. I guess cake just isn't his thing.

The highlight of the whole party was Caleb's cute little friend Blaykleigh pushing Caleb around in this little Tonka truck. Could my little man get any lazier??? I think not.

Happy Birthday little man! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Caleb Roy! I can't believe you have been here a whole year. You have certainly changed our world for the better. You, little man have made me the happiest Momma!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little Adventure!

We have had such a crazy last few weeks! It has been so much fun though. 
 It started with a quick trip to San Antonio to go to a friends wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Because it was in San Antonio we ended up having to bring Caleb along for the ride but he was surprisingly good. 
 After the wedding we jetted home so Caleb could attend his first Birthday party. His best little friend Blakeleigh turned 1 and we weren't about to miss that celebration. Isn't his hat so cute? Whitney made party hats for all the little kids and Caleb even kept his on for a few minutes.
 The next week we headed to Houston. Nathan had a work conference to go to and Caleb and I decided to  come along and join the party. Why not when your gas, hotel, and food are all free right? Not only that who doesn't love to be wined and dined in a fancy hotel? It was such a fabulous trip and we did so many fun things in the day while we waited for Nathan. We spent all day Monday at the zoo and Caleb and I both loved it. I highly recommend the Houston zoo if you are ever in the area. Sadly, I forgot my camera and have no pictures of our little adventure. 

Thursday we headed home as fast as we could so we could meet up with My sister and her family while they were here in Corpus for a few days. Her in laws were treating their family to a weekend at the beach and we decided to join in with them. Of course no trip to Corpus Christi is complete without going to the Texas State Aquarium. 

Next week I am headed off to Girls camp and Nathan and Caleb will be home having a boys week! I hope they both survive and my house is still in one piece when I get home.