Sunday, December 28, 2014


For Christmas the boys got bikes. We debated for awhile about what type of bike to get them and in the end decided on balance bikes. Nathan took the boys out for a few hours the day after Christmas and they had a great time. They still need a little practice but they are catching on.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

our newest adventure

We did it! We bought a lot and we started the process of building a home. We loved our home in Corpus Christi but we really wanted something larger and a much bigger lot here in Oklahoma. We searched for a few weeks and couldn't find anything that fit our wants and felt right. After an afternoon of searching we stumbled upon a model home we loved, one thing led to another and we ended up buying a lot (it's around 3/4 of an acre). We just finished designing and picking finishes for our new home. We are really excited and nervous about this process. Hopefully all goes well and we love the finished product.

This is where our new home will be!

the transition

 The transition from Corpus Christi to Tulsa has been much harder on these two little boys then we expected. The first month was the worst. Both Caleb and Ethan were getting up several times in the night, we had lost Ethan's blanket, I couldn't get them to nap and there was a constant flow of tears from both boys. During the day I would find them in random places, where they had fallen asleep after an exhausting night. 
Caleb has also developed a phobia of leaving the house. My little boy who used to go anywhere with almost anyone is now afraid to leave. I am hoping this starts to fade in the next few months because dragging a screaming 3 year old, a two year old and a baby out during the day to run errands has been a little bit ruff.
Other then that things are good, we are adjusting and we are happy to be here.


Last night we went to the ward party and Santa showed up. Caleb ran right up to him gave him a big bear hug and then proceeded to talk his ear off about Ironman and Paw Patrol. Ethan and Molly were a little more hesitant and after a few seconds Molly went to a full on meltdown. Hopefully our next Santa visit is a little easier.

8 months

babbles constantly
loves to be held
loves her swing
eats almost anything you give her
sits up
can get her self back up when she falls over
doesn't crawl but she does rock and crawling should come soon
Loves her brother Ethan and her Aunt Hana
loves to sit and play with her toys
Is loved by everyone she meets