Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just thought i would show everyone the latest Wilcoxson project... Last weekend Nathan built a massive play set for some friends. Nathan and i just love this family and they have the cutest kids! I actually babysat for them in the Winter when i was off track and loved it. It was fun to see them again and Nathan of course loved playing with them and he loves projects. Nathan didn't exactly know what he was getting into and was more than surprised by how hard it actually was to build this thing. There were so many pieces! Not only that but the directions were so crazy and wrong so many times that it made things a little confusing. I think the hardest part though was that some of the predrilled holes were not drilled right and didn't fit and some of the boards were really warped and hard to make work. Over all we had so much fun... I being the project Manager and Nathan being the Labor.


  1. Wow. That really is massive! How long did it actually take you guys to build it - start to finish?

  2. That is a sweet playground! I could totally use your amazing skills building one right now. I miss you guys a ton!