Friday, August 28, 2009

I Never WIN things! But Today i won something! My good friend Jessic Kingsford is the most amazing Mary Kay consultant, (not pushy, easy going, fun to be around, honest, tells you things how they really are... you know the kind of salesman you love but can never seem to find) Well she had a Mary Kay party and she was giving away a Coach BAG! and we all know i LOVE LOVE LOVE (LUST) Coach! So they had a drawing at the end of the party. They put all the names in a Hat... then picked one out... and then called HEIDI WILCOXSON! I wanted to scream i was so excited! and that is how i won this beautiful Coach Purse.


  1. oh you are such a brat! that purse is so cute! i can't believe that you won that. it's too bad we aren't roommates anymore...

  2. I know because if we were you would use it all the time... and then i would wear your clothes in return... ahhh such a shame you live so far away.