Sunday, October 4, 2009

A few sundays ago we forgot to bring our keys with us to church... consequently when we got home we were locked out. While i was sitting on the stairs wondering what we should do about the problem Nathan had the great idea to JUMP from the balcony to the window, and then proceeded to try and break in while hanging from a very tiny practically non existent ledge while he busted the screen out. Of course i was paranoid that he would fall and die but after a few minutes he managed to get the screen out and pull himself inside our apartment. Looking back we both can't figure out how he actually managed to break in and not fall or get hurt. Its always such an adventure with Nathan around!


  1. Uhh, is this the actual window? Cause I don't see ANY ledge... those Wilcoxson boys... aren't you glad you married one! Never a dull moment. For instance, on our drive yesterday, I was reading aloud a book that someone recommended. It started out pretty slow, so Chace decided to act it out as I read it... while driving. Sound effects and all. I couldn't read after a while because I was laughing too hard. Weirdies.

  2. Wow... your husband is quite the jumper!