Monday, September 19, 2011

Before and After

Nathan finished his first home renovation project on Saturday. The builder, for whatever reason had cut out a "plant ledge" above the fireplace that we didn't really like. Nathan decided to fill it in and rewire everything to mount the TV. We also had to repaint because of our little fire incident so we just decided to go ahead and redo the whole family room. There are still some finishing touches like, crown molding and decorating that need to be done but overall we are very happy with the changes.


  1. I like it! You have the same issue we have, the logical place for the TV is where the fireplace is. Luckily it looks like your living room is big enough that is works to put it over the fire place. Ours is too small for that I am debating if I even want a TV in the living room. We always watch in our bedroom..

  2. It looks really good, but where is your tan couch that I wanted to buy from you. You better not have sold it to someone else.....