Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 Months!

I seriously can't believe this cute little man is already 7 months old! The days are going by so quickly and we are having so much fun. Our favorite thing now that he is crawling, is that as we walk around the house he will try and follow us, when he finds one of us in a room he laughs and giggles and gets so happy as if it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him, and of course watching that is nothing but pure joy for both Nathan and I.

- crawling everywhere and started this at about 6 1/2 months
- got his two bottom teeth in around 6 months
- weights a whopping 19.5 pounds
- still loves the bathtub and if you leave the bathroom door open he will go directly to it.
- eating pretty much whatever we eat but in a mashed up version, and loves it I might add
- sleeps for 11 to 12 hours at night and takes at least 2 naps in the day time
- loves to play with a large green plastic ball we got in San Antonio
- is just an unbelievably happy baby who laughs and giggles at himself all the time


  1. What a difference! Wow he has grown so much and is getting so much easier. I wish I could sleep 11 - 12 hours a night AND take naps. That must be awesome for you.

  2. He is *so* cute! I love his big smiles. And that's some good sleeping. Way to go, Caleb! Aren't baby giggles the best thing ever?

  3. He has the cutest smile! This stage is so fun.I feel like me and Jackson just play all day.

  4. What a ham! Such a handsome little bud.