Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Months

 Our little man is 10 months old (don't look back and see all the months I missed)! It is hard to believe that he has been here that long. He is an absolute blast to have around. It is crazy to think how far he has come in these last 10 months. To say that he is Nathan and I's pride and joy would be a complete understatement because he is that and SOOO much more.

- Weighs 22 pounds (he has lost a little over a pound in the last month)
- 29 inches tall
- Is standing up on his own
- Walks around holding on to someones hand or pushing a toy, or chair
- Loves to be tickled
- Runs to the door in the afternoon to great Nathan when he hears it open
- Will eat almost anything we give him
- Has learned out to turn pages in a book
- Is climbing on everything, I have found him on the table on several occasions
- Loves the water and anything water related
- Is a mover, he absolutely NEVER sits still

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