Saturday, June 23, 2012

For all our friends and family who live to far away and couldn't be here to celebrate Caleb's 1st birthday with us here is a quick recap of his party!

A few of our good friends came over and joined us for a little BBQ and Birthday celebrations. We had such a good time and Caleb was SOOOO spoiled by everyone.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations. I forgot to take any so this is all I have. Oh well. 

Caleb enjoyed opening presents at first... but when he realized he didn't get to actually play with any of the toys right then he started to get upset and wanted to be done. He got some really fun things. Thanks everyone!

After presents of course comes the cake! Truthfully he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact I am pretty sure he cried part of the time. Yesterday we went and took some 1 year pictures and he cried during the cake part of that too. I guess cake just isn't his thing.

The highlight of the whole party was Caleb's cute little friend Blaykleigh pushing Caleb around in this little Tonka truck. Could my little man get any lazier??? I think not.

Happy Birthday little man! 


  1. LOL I love how Misty's kiddos are standing in the window ... "cake"?! Too cute.

  2. I know, I should have just given that cake to them. I am sure they would have a GREAT time with it.

  3. I made that same cake for Kylie for her first birthday!

  4. What a cute kid! Isnt it crazy how they never respond like you think they will? What little kid wouldn't love cake? His pictures with it are cute, though! Happy Birthday, little guy!