Sunday, July 15, 2012


We recently took a little "vacation" up to Oklahoma for the 4th of July. It was actually a great trip but I wouldn't call it your typical family summer vacation by any means (please excuse the crappy quality of these photos, they all came from my phone because I have lost my camera battery charger).

We had a 12 hour drive to Oklahoma and I would love to say Caleb looked just like this and slept the whole drive and was an absolute angel the whole time we were in Oklahoma but truthfully he didn't love the car ride and cried on and off out of boredom and once we got there two of his teeth came in giving him a fever on and off throughout the week. He wasn't the most pleasant child but my family still seemed to enjoy having him around.

Nathan spent almost the whole week working on this HUGE house project. Of course if you know Nathan working on a "project" is his favor place to be. I think both Nathan and my Dad completely under estimated the time, cost, and size of this project.
Basically they stripped off all the old siding on both sides of the house, put in more/new insulation, installed new and bigger windows, and put up all new siding and trim boards. The plan was also to paint the whole house but that is going to have to wait until next time (although I did already pick out the colors and go by the paint, a little too optimistic).


Overall we really did have a good time and always love going to visit family.  

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