Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A little disaster...

Although Nathan and I do love projects occasionally we get one that is unsolicited. A few Sundays ago right before we were headed out for church Nathan noticed something that sounded like a hose (I was trying to get two little boys ready and was completely oblivious). When he went to figure out what the sound was (after finishing the dishes) he realized it was our guest bathroom toilet. A ring that seals the pipe that is connected to the wall busted and water was poring out the pipe. The bathroom, hallway, and both bedrooms were filled with water. Nathan quickly shut off the water and grabbed the shop vac so he could start sucking the water up out of the carpet. It took him almost two hours to suck out the water and several trips of dumping out a very full shop vac. Although the carpet seemed like it wasn't to wet Nathan went ahead and ripped some up to see what the pad underneath was like and it was completely soaked. So we ended up ripping up all the carpet, pulling out the pads and hanging them up in the garage to dry out and then putting buckets under the carpet so it would air dry. It was such a mess and keeping Caleb out of it was impossible.
Luckily for us we were headed to Houston for the week so we were able to get out of the house for the week while the carpet was drying out. We came back from Houston and Nathan relaid the carpet but it is bumpy and needs to be replaced by a professional so hopefully sometime after the holidays we will be putting in new carpet.

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