Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Train

I love Christmas and all the traditions that usually accompany the holiday. One of my favorite childhood traditions is this train. As a little kid my dad would put it up every year. As kids we really loved this train and we often found ourselves in bed early for loving it (touching it and knocking it off the track) just a little too much.
Over Thanksgiving my Dad brought the train to us! YEAH! And now Nathan and I get to share this tradition with our little boys. As soon as we put it up Caleb loved it. He loves to sit and watch it go around and around. Thanks for bringing this to us, Dad.


  1. Glad you like it - I knew Nathan would fix it up and I hope your kids enjoy it. I don't remeber you kids ever knocking it off the track or you being sent to bed early.

  2. what! Dad gave you the train. Uhhh, totally knew you were the favorite.

  3. It might help that I have two little boys!

  4. Hey Dad. I just want you to know that my kids are asking for a train set too. Ill give you a few years to create a collection.

    1. Hana, get a good husband and two little boys and I will build you the train set of your dreams! By the way I thought the favorite was Jonathan - no wait, maybe it was Rachel - or Hana or possibly Lewis - maybe James or Stephen - could it be Gwendolyn? - I just can't decide!