Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We have been talking about replacing the carpet in our house for almost three years. The biggest reason is the noise level. Our home is open and the ceilings are high so everything echos. The other big problem is that a few weeks after Ethan was born the boys room and guest room flooded and we ripped up the carpet, let it dry out and laid it back down. After Molly was born Nathan was home for two weeks and only a few days in he decided he couldn't handle the noise level and basically ordered the carpet. Well this was only a few weeks after Molly was born and in the middle of us finding out she had a large hole in her heart and galactosemia. Needless to say things were already chaotic but we thought why not add to it and rip out our carpet. So we ripped out the carpet and when Nathan was pulling off the baseboard in Molly's room we found mold. We then had to cut out all the mold and replace the insulation and drywall. 

 We also ripped out all the laminate in the living room and put tile down in front of the fireplace.

 Due to Nathan's school and work schedule we were forced to live like this (all our stuff in the kitchen and concrete floors) for a few days. It was a ruff few days but we made it through.

 Now we have this wonderful new carpet. Our house is so quiet and the boys love all the space they have to rough house. A lot of people questioned our decision to pull out the fake wood floor and put in carpet but honestly we couldn't be happier about the decision. 

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  1. Carpet was invented for families with small kids - good choice