Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our baby turned 3!

I'm not exactly sure how this happened but on June 21st Caleb turned 3. We were headed home from a week in Houston on his birthday so we didn't get to have a big celebration but we did manage a few small things.

We started the morning off with our traditional "donut birthday breakfast." 

Then we took the boys to Chuck-e-cheese, they loved it but I can't say we will be back anytime soon. It takes a special occasion to get us to a place like that. We ended up staying for a really long time because Nathan didn't read the signs and assumed each game took a few tokens, he bought $30.00 worth which is 150 tokens. It turned out that nothing was more then 1 token so we had to play 150 games. It was brutal. 

 After that we headed home for cake, ice cream and to open presents. Caleb and Ethan were so tired that we didn't even get to the cake and ice cream. Even without cake and ice cream we had a wonderful day. We are having such a great time watching this little boy grow up. He has more personality then we could have ever hoped for. We are excited to watch and see what kind of young man he grows into. Hopefully we can foster all his energy into something really great.

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