Wednesday, October 29, 2014

moving day

It's official, we survived the move. 
At the beginning of September Nathan accepted a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We immediately started on our last minute house projects and put the house on the market just two weeks later. Although we had been praying we would get an offer before we moved we were shocked to have two offers after 3 days on the market and one of them was a great cash offer with buyers who were ready to close as soon as we could move out. October 17th we closed on our house and October 18th we headed out to Oklahoma. 

Moving day was emotional for all of us. I was in tears thinking about leaving our many wonderful friends and awesome support group, the boys were devastated watching all their toys and stuff be "taken away" and we were all sad to leave our first home.

We are currently living with my Dad while we start the search for a new home. Although we were sad to leave Corpus we are excited for this new adventure and hope our time in Oklahoma is soon filled with many happy memories.

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