Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Caleb

We celebrated this boys 4th Birthday this week. He begged and begged to have a batman party at chuckee cheese. I finally gave in and agreed; I had a few more original and creative ideas in mind. We invited family and a few friends to celebrate with us and the evening was perfect. The kids loved it and Caleb finally got the much desired Bat Bot. For 6 months he has been begging for this toy and saving his money in hopes to eventually buy it. Knowing he would never save $75 we got it for his birthday. The toy was everything he dreamed it would be. 
We love this boy so much. His sweet spirit and loving heart have made him such a good older brother. He is friendly and doesn't know a stranger or an enemy. This personality trait has made him lots of friends in the most unexpected places and I know it will carry him far in his life.  We love you so much Caleb Roy and we can't wait to see where life takes you.

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  1. Your son is really cute. I am really happy for him that he got his most wanted toy as a birthday present. The party you planned for your son is also good. Anyway, I am also looking for similar sort of party venues Houston TX. Please suggest me some good place.