Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ethan turns 3

September 18th Ethan turned 3. It's a tradition in our house to celebrate with donuts for breakfast. I let Caleb stay home from school and we headed out for donuts, then out to the children's museum and finally home for a few naps before Ethan's party.
He was set on having superman cupcakes at chuckie cheese. I am not a huge fan of the place but I figured since it was his birthday we should probably go where he wants. A good friend made him some cupcakes and we invited a small amount of people and took our celebration to chuckie cheese. It was fun and easy so I really can't complain and mostly for one day I had a really really happy Ethan. 
We love this boy so much. He is feisty, smart, witty, sarcastic and certainly a button pusher. But he is also affectionate, loving and my biggest cuddler. He has so much of his Dad's personality and I pray we can channel that into great things in his future. 

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