Monday, December 7, 2015


 Last Thursday I had surgery to remove my tonsils, fix my deviated septum, reduce my turbinates and balloon pump an airway through some cells. It was pretty extensive and I was warned several times by the doctor and past patients that it would be a hard recovery. And it has been. I have struggled with my throat and sinuses for a long time but it just never seemed like a good time. Finally a couple months ago Nathan pushed me to do it and although I'm still so miserable I can't say I'm happy yet, I'm sure I will be in a few months. Everything went really well, except the post op bc the try to push you out the door before you can even walk. I hear that's typical though so I guess I was getting the normal treatment. Anyways here is to many wonderful years of being able to breathe and enjoy the outdoors and hopefully no more years stuck at urgent care trying to get steroids for strep.

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