Sunday, February 21, 2016


I know it is really late but Caleb started pre-K this past year. It was a hard decision to send him to school and I went back and forth for months. Here in Oklahoma they have preschool through the public school and it is from 9-2:30 every single day. I personally felt like it was way to much schooling for him at this age. I looked around for other alternatives but there wasn't really anything that fit Caleb's needs. Caleb lives to play with other children. He makes friends everywhere we go and he is devastated days we don't leave the house, which is why I decided to enroll him in school. We put him in with the idea that we would see how it went and if he didn't like it or it wasn't working out we would pull him out. Well, he loves it. His teacher is absolutely amazing and he loves her. So far it has been wonderful and he wants to go every day. I have decided to keep him home one day a week to take him on a fun day, so one day a week he skips school and we go to the aquarium, zoo, park or just have a play date with friends at our house. I miss having him at home but I love how much he has learned and I love how much Ethan has changed getting the opportunity to be the oldest while Caleb is at school. Overall I really don't have any complaints.

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