Monday, June 26, 2017

Baby Ruth

Ruth Wilcoxson
6/24/2017 12:35 A.M. 
6lbs 6oz
19.5 inches long
37 weeks 6 days

                 Friday was a busy day. I took the kids to the gym, swimming lessons and had a newborn photo session. Around 8 pm I helped a friend decorate for a baby shower and didn't get home until around 10 pm. I was so exhausted, I hardly helped decorate because I was just so tired from the day. I really hadn't had any contractions that day and everything seemed pretty normal. I was slightly bummed because my Mom had convinced me if I took castor oil it would  send me into labor that night so I had taken 4 teaspoons around 3pm on Friday. I later found out I was supposed to take 4 Tablespoons which was probably why I didn't have any side effects from the castor oil. In fact it felt as if I never even took it. 
               Anyway, I went to bed only to never actually get to sleep because around 11:15 I felt a few light contractions. We had decided, based on Molly's birth, that as soon as the first contractions came we would book it to the hospital. I was really hoping we would get there fast enough that I could get an epidural. I woke Nathan up around 11:30 and told him we should probably go to the hospital but that there was no rush because my contractions were really mild. I then texted my Mom and asked her to head over and she did.  Nathan loaded the car and we left for the hospital just before midnight. The hospital is about 20-25 minutes away. About half way to the hospital I felt my water break and things turned intense. All of the sudden my contractions went from a 2 to a 10. We realized that we probably needed to call the hospital and tell them we were on our way and I was in labor. I was trying to google the number and ended up calling St. Francis on accident and then Nathan called some random St. Johns home health and luckily they knew the number to labor and delivery. We finally got a hold of labor and delivery and told them we were on our way and that it would be a fast labor (they didn't take us seriously). We showed up at the hospital a few minutes later and I was dying of pain. Luckily there was a nurse at the entrance waiting to wheel me to labor and delivery. She wheeled me to the triage room and asked me to change into a gown so she could check me in and asses the situation. I tried to explain I needed a delivery room because I was going to have this baby any minute and I was dying but it felt like no one was listening to me. I changed into the gown and then she checked me only to realized I was completely dilated and ready to push. I was laying on my back and had the worst back labor pains. I wanted so desperately to get this little lady out right then but there was no Dr. and they needed to move me to the labor and delivery room. So they moved me, and once again I felt like I was going die. I needed to get off my back but I couldn't move. We got into labor and delivery and everyone was frantically running around. I was screaming someone help me, I need to get this baby out. I felt like no one was listening when I heard a nurse ask, "Has someone called the Dr.?" I couldn't believe it, no one had even called the Dr.??? What??? So they finally got the Dr. in the room and I was ready Ruth out, actually I had been ready for awhile and all the chaos and pain had taken it's toll on me. I was seriously losing it and getting pretty angry. I pushed twice and her head came out only for the Dr. yell stop pushing and someone get the clamps. It was difficult to stop pushing a baby who was half way out while still having contractions. The cord was wrapped around her neck and apparently it was so tight that it needed to be cut before she could come out any more. I am sure it only took about 30 seconds to cut the cord off but it felt like an hour and it was awful. After the cord was cut there was one more push and she was out. The entire experience was chaotic and crazy. Out of all 4 children I felt the least in control during this birth. There were a few small complications after the birth but at the end of the day both baby Ruth and I were safe and healthy which is a huge blessing and miracle. We are so happy to have this little lady in our home. She is already so loved by her family.


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