Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My sister Rachel... she is on the right of this picture... had a birthday Saturday. I was going to post this Saturday but got caught up in moving. So Happy Late Birthday RACHEL!!!

10 fun facts/ things i love about her:
1. She is my sister so i don't really have another option.
2. She is always willing to help out with whatever as long as i ask.
3. She lets Nathan and I sleep at her apartment every time we come visit... even when we take up the whole living room.
4. She always compliment me on my crafts... which makes me feel good... even when they probably are not that good.
5. She came up to visit me which i love! and once she even drove all the way up here just to take me to the airport back in Salt Lake.
6. She and Melanie let me sleep in their basement for a semester.
7. She is easy to Christmas shop for because she is happy with anything, it wasn't always this way though.
8. She has always been thinner than me and usually in better shape (i don't know if i am happy for her or maybe a little jealous)
9. She is a wonderful cook... this is a more recent thing thanks to Cory
10. She loves Christmas decorations and i am sure has a tree up by now! Which i love because i LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas decorations!

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