Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy (almost) Anniversary Nathan! Our Anniversary is actually August 30 but since the next two days will be filled with packing, cleaning, and preparing to move and the then the next 5 after that will be spent on the road with some of our best friends I had to post an early celebration of our two years of marriage!

I love this boy! And I am so grateful for everything he does for me! These last two years have been an absolute dream and marriage has been way more fun than I could have ever imagined! So here is to the past two years and an eternity to come!

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  1. First off, Happy Anniversary next week!!!
    I LOVE those wedding pictures, so cute!
    Good luck moving. We are heading out next week and I am not looking forward to the moving and cleaning part! Oh Well.
    Travel safely and hope you have a great anniversary day!