Monday, September 6, 2010

Proceed at your own risk! Here is the update and some of the pictures from our trip. August 26th Nathan finished up the last day of his internship at Flint Hills. It was a bitter/sweet moment. He was ready to get back to Rexburg and finish up his education but sad to leave Flint Hills. Luckily they made the leaving a little easier by extending him a job offer. If all goes as planned we will be headed back to Corpus Christi in April, this time as permanent residents.
Our good friends Derrick and Amanda flew in to Corpus to drive back to Idaho with us. Before we could drive out we had to visit a few places around Corpus. We started off at the Lexington...

and then we headed to the beach! If there is one thing Nathan and I love about Corpus it is the beach!

The next day we packed up all our things, cleaned the apartment, and headed out of town.

Our first stop was San Antonio. After checking in at the hotel, we stayed in the historic Emily Morgan hotel, we headed down to the River Walk and hopped on to a boat for a tour.

After the River Walk we came back to the hotel for pizza and swimming. Anyone who knows Nathan and I, or Emily knows we will never miss an opportunity to swim. This pool was actually pretty cool because it was 1. made out of stainless steel and 2. changed colors every 15 or 20 seconds.

The next morning we headed out to see the Alamo.

Emily couldn't get enough of the fountains and the large fish.

Next we headed to IHOP for probably the worst restraunt eating experience I have ever had. To say this IHOP was ghetto would be a large understatement. Two hours later we left, still hungry, slightly sick, and feeling pretty gross. Don't be deceived by the smiles on these boys faces, it really was that bad.

Before heading out of San Antonio we stopped at the Temple. This could easily be one of Nathan and I's favorite Temples. If your ever in San Antonio stop by because the stain glass alone is worth the trip.

After that we head to Austin, Oklahoma, Denver- to see the outlet malls, and then Friday morning we finally rolled into Rexburg! We are so excited to be back and hopefully the next 8 months will be great as we finish up with school and then head out of here for good.

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  1. Wow Heidi! You guys sound like you're doing amazing! Tell Nathan Congrats on the job offer! That really is great and wonderful news! Good luck finishing up your last few semesters!