Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This has been a very exciting year for us, Graduation, Baby and now a house! It took forever for us to finally get in but at last we are here and we LOVE it. Here is a quick little tour of our new home. Keep in mind we have only been here a week and still have a long way to go as far as home improvement projects, but of course if you know my husband you know that those future home improvement projects are exactly why we bought the house. Hopefully there will many future blog posts with all of our updates.

Here is the front of our new house.

This is the, throw all the extras/unclaimed/office/future craft room.

This is Caleb's cute room that he doesn't actually sleep in.

No post would be complete without a picture of this cute baby.

The guest bathroom that is in dire need of some serious attention.

The living room... this room needs so much help I don't even know what to say.

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Dinning Room, eeek that yellow is pretty bad, especially in pictures. Don't worry it should be gone in the next few weeks.

Kitchen, great layout just needs lots of updates.

And there it is, a tour of our cute new home. This home needs some updates but it is a great layout, and is in an amazing location and was a fabulous price so we really couldn't resist!


  1. Nice place! It looks like you have some good space and everything looks nice. It's taken me over a year to start getting things looking nice instead of sad. I completely understand that. I think I'm jealous of your master bathroom {the fact that you have two bathrooms, period!} and your beautiful kitchen. The set-up looks awesome!

  2. What a year is right!!! I am so jealous, I cannot wait to get into our own home and be done with apartments! Just a few more years! :o) Congrats and being homeowners and can't wait to see the updates you guys do.

  3. Jase, B and I still need to come over and see it! =)

  4. YAY! I love your house! I think it is super cute, and I wish I could come and visit...oh well, one day, right?

  5. Love the house! CAn't wait to be out of an apartment! You cute little homemaker you!