Monday, August 1, 2011

What a great weekend. My Mom and her husband Robert came down for the weekend to meet baby Caleb and we took them all around to show them the best of Corpus Christi. We went to the beach to try and beat tropical storm Don that turned out to be nothing but a little bit of wind.

This was Caleb's first experience at the beach and he wasn't sure what to think of it. Nathan put his feet in the water and a huge wave came by and engulfed his whole body. After that he was not a fan of the beach or the water.
Next stop was the Texas State Aquarium. It was really busy and so hot but we still had a great time. We watched both a Bird show and a Dolphin show.

To finish out the weekend we headed down to the pool and spent some time swimming. Caleb loves the pool and we had to take advantage before we move next week and have to leave the one thing we love about our apartment complex.

Overall it was a great weekend, and we love having visitors. We move into our house this weekend so we will have plenty of room for visitors, hint hint.


  1. Ooh, looks like fun. He seems so tiny compared to Livie! Oh, I love newborns. What a fun time. I'm glad your mom was able to visit and I hope you like your new place!