Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Festivities...

Here is a quick list (in no particular order) of some of the Christmas traditions and celebrations we participated in this year.

We attended the FHR Christmas party, mostly because they give out the best gifts,

 we walked around Candy Cane Lane with some friends,
Caleb opened all his presents a few weeks before Christmas,
 we walked around Rhema, they have an amazing light display,

 we opened stockings Christmas morning to see what Santa brought us,
 we opened presents to see what our loved ones gave us, and they were very generous this year,
 we took pictures in our matching Christmas jammies,

 we decorated a gingerbread house,
 Caleb got his very own Little People Nativity,
 we picked out ornaments for the year and decorated a tree, Caleb and Ethan both got little bears with their initials on them.

We also spent an afternoon at the ark assessment center for abused and neglected children passing out gifts and bringing good cheer, drove to Oklahoma and Missouri to visit loved ones, picked out a few angel tree names, read Christmas stories, and finally we enjoyed spending time together as a family.

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