Friday, January 11, 2013


While we were "home" in Oklahoma for Christmas we made a little detour/stop in Missouri to visit Nathans grandparents. They live about 4 hours from my house so we took a two day tip up there to introduce them to our two children. We had a really great time seeing them, although it was a little difficult to keep Caleb under control in a house filled with stuff. There were so many things to touch and play with that he had a really hard time. They were great hosts though and we spent most of the day going out to eat and then rock climbing and playing at the small movie theater Nathans Aunt and Uncle own.

 While we were there Caleb had his first encounter with SNOW! There wasn't  much, but it was enough for him to decide he didn't like it. At first he was excited and put his hands in it but after he realized how cold it was he just cried and wanted nothing to do with it or going outside. 

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